Blake Street Lift Station Project


Construction bid advertisement expected late 2020. Construction is anticipated to begin in 2021.

Project Description

The Blake Street Lift Station will be a new lift station near the intersection of Hascall and
Blake Streets. The Blake Street Lift Station, in conjunction with the completion of the new Riverview Lift Station, Gibson Street Sewer, and associated diversions, will allow for the decomissioning of the Martha Street and Spring Street lift stations. The new Blake Street Lift Station will have an approximate capacity of 2.0 million gallons per day (MGD) and will receive combined flows from the Martha Street and Spring Street sub-basins. The lift station will send flows to the existing Grover Street combined sewer and then to the new Riverview Lift Station Replacement Project.

Project Benefits

This project will allow for the abandonment of the Spring Street and Hickory Street Lift Stations, which have been in service for over 50 years. The Martha Street Lift Station will also be abandoned and the CSO 112 outfall will be monitored to determine if it can be eventually closed.

Project References

Project Number:  OPW 53270
LTCP Project Name: Riverview Lift Station Replacement

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