John Creighton Boulevard (JCB) Conveyance Sewer Project


Construction anticipated to begin in 2018.

Project Description

The JCB Conveyance Sewer is one of two main branch sewers that will connect to the Minne Lusa Stormwater Conveyance Sewer, a sewer that will allow for conveyance of separated stormwater from previously completed and future sewer separation projects in the Minne Lusa Basin to the Pershing/Storz Detention Basin System.

The JCB Conveyance Sewer will be approximately 60 inches in diameter and 5,400 feet long. This new sewer will increase the stormwater capacity of the JCB collection system, allow connection for additional sewer separation projects, and ultimately reduce sewer backups in the area. The JCB Conveyance sewer will receive discharge flows from the Adams Park Detentions/Wetland facilities.

Project References

Project Number: OPW 52078
LTCP Project Name: JCB Stormwater Conveyance Sewer (Boyd Street to Maple Street)

Additional Resources

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