John Creighton Boulevard (JCB) and Miami Street Phases 1 and 2 Sewer Separation and Adams Park

Completed Date

November 2016

Cost at Completion


Project Location

John Creighton Boulevard, N 33rd Street to N 38th Street

Project Description

This project included construction of storm sewer to allow for conversion of the existing combined sewer to sanitary sewer. The new storm sewer discharges to the John Creighton Boulevard (JCB) Conveyance Sewer, one of two main branch sewers that connect to the Minne Lusa Stormwater Conveyance Sewer. This project provides sewer separation for the upper reaches of the Minne Lusa Basin and reduces sewer back-ups in the area.

This project included renovation of Adams Park to provide a detention basin/wetland facility and new park features including walking trails.

Project Summary

Project References

Project Number: OPW 52165
LTCP Project Name: John Creighton Boulevard (JCB) and Miami Street Phase 1 Sewer Separation, John Creighton Boulevard (JCB) and Miami Street Phase 2 Sewer Separation

Additional Resources

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