Missouri Avenue/Spring Lake Park Sewer Separation Phase 2


This project is currently under construction. Notice to Proceed was issued on November 1, 2017.

Project Description

The Missouri Avenue Sewer Separation/Spring Lake Park Phase 1 project construction concentrated on the construction of a new sanitary sewer from F Street along Spring Lake Drive to Missouri Avenue, construction of the Spring Lake Pond, and sewer separation north and west of the Spring Lake Pond.

This Missouri Avenue/Spring Lake Park Sewer Separation Phase 2 will complete the sewer separation in the Missouri Avenue basin by separating sewers in the Spring Lake Golf course and north and east of the golf course. Sewer separation will also be completed between F Street on the north, K Street on the south, 21st Street on the west and 13th Street on the east. The old combined sewers will then have been converted to storm sewers.

Project Benefits

This Phase 2 project will convert the remaining existing combined sewers to storm sewers. It will ultimately result in reduced sewer backups into area homes and elimination of combined sewer overflows from this Missouri Avenue Drainage Basin to the Missouri River. The Combined Sewer Overflow will be closed.


This project will install over 12,000 linear feet of storm and sanitary sewer pipe ranging in size from 8-inch diameter to 72-inch diameter. The project will also remove and replace nearly 14,000 square yards of street and driveways and over 13,000 square feet of sidewalks and curb ramps in the neighborhoods.


Project References

Project Number: 51997B
LTCP Project Name: Missouri Avenue/Spring lake Park Sewer Separation Phase 2

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