Missouri Avenue Sewer Separation/Spring Lake Park Project

Completed Date

December 2016

Cost at Completion


Project Location

20th Street at F Street

Project Description

The purpose of the Spring Lake Park Project was to provide sewer separation to the surrounding area through installation of both new storm and sanitary sewer pipe and eliminate overflows to the Missouri River. In addition to sewer separation work, the park revitalized re-established the lake. Spring Lake Park, established during the 1870s, originally contained three small ponds. However, due to concerns with disease, the ponds were drained in the 1930s.

Since then, two unsuccessful attempts were made to renovate the park. In 1939, a plan was developed but work was not fully implemented due to World War II. Then, in the 1990s, the Spring Lake Park Habitat Restoration Team initiated a plan to restore one or more ponds, develop trails through the park, and create a nature learning center. The plan was never carried forward due to lack of funding.

Through three grants from the Nebraska Environmental Trust and resources from Omaha Parks, Recreation, and Public Property; Papio-Missouri River Natural Resources District; Keep Omaha Beautiful; Spring Lake Neighborhood Association; and the Spring Lake Park Habitat Restoration and Preservation Team, park renovation work including pond re-establishment was accomplished. Incorporation of green infrastructure elements not only expanded the park’s wildlife diversity and increase recreational opportunities, but also provided detention of stormwater runoff that eliminates the need for new larger downstream storm sewer conveyance piping.

Project References

Project Number: OPW 51997
LTCP Project Name: Missouri Avenue Sewer Separation Phase 1

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