Long Term Control Plan Documents

The City of Omaha Final Long Term Control Plan was submitted to the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality (NDEQ) on September 25, 2009 and was approved in February 2010. The Long Term Control Plan was updated and approved by NDEQ in January 2015. 

2014 Long Term Control Plan Update
2009 Long Term Control Plan

AdobePDF18px.png Executive Summary, October 2009 (861 KB)

AdobePDF18px.png Volume I, October 2009 (9.5 MB)

AdobePDF18px.png Volume II, October 2009 (53 MB)

AdobePDF18px.png NPDES Permit, October 2010 (321 KB)

AdobePDF18px.png Final Consent Order, August 2007 (2.5 MB)

AdobePDF18px.png Amended Consent Order, May 2012 (29 KB)

AdobePDF18px.png Presentation to Consultants, July 2009 (3 MB)

AdobePDF18px.png NDEQ Approval Letter, February 2010 (80 KB)

CSO! Annual Reports

AdobePDF18px.png 2011 CSO Annual Report, October 2011 (5 MB)

AdobePDF18px.png 2012 CSO Annual Report, October 2012 (6.6 MB)

AdobePDF18px.png 2013 CSO Annual Report, October 2013 (6.6 MB)

AdobePDF18px.png 2014 CSO Annual Report, December 2014 (7.6 MB)

AdobePDF18px.png 2015 CSO Annual Report, September 2015 (9.5 MB)

AdobePDF18px.png 2016 CSO Annual Report, September 2016 (7.7 MB)

AdobePDF18px.png 2017 CSO Annual Report, September 2017 (8.1 MB)


AdobePDF18px.png 2010 ACEC Honor Award, 2010 (165 KB)

Refinement Period (November 2007–October 2009)

Following submission of the Substantively Complete Long Term Control Plan, the City embarked on a two-year Refinement Period to confirm technical concepts, redefine the plan, confirm costs, and develop other aspects of the Long Term Control Plan. The Refinement Period culminated in the submission of the Final Long Term Control Plan. Twenty-five separate refinement tasks were carried out and are discussed in Section 3.4 of the Final Long Term Control Plan, Volume 1. Key documents from the Refinement Period are included below.

Green Solutions
Sustainability Guidance

AdobePDF18px.png Sustainability Guidance TM, August 2009 (220 KB)

Community Enhancements

AdobePDF18px.png Community Enhancements TM, April 2009 (3 MB)

Sewer Backup & Street Flooding Recommended Approach
Basin Study Refinements
Hybrid Alternatives

Basin Study Period (April 2006–October 2007)

During this period, basin plans were developed that identified recommended CSO solutions for each of the 10 Combined Sewer Overflow basins. Information contained in these Preliminary Basin Plans was compiled to develop cross-basin alternatives and to prepare the Substantively Complete Long Term Control Plan, which was submitted to NDEQ in September 2007. The documents below were further evaluated during the Refinement Period. As such, information contained in the documents below has been superseded by information in the Refinement Period documents and the Final Long Term Control Plan.

Substantively Complete Long Term Control Plan
Public Meeting Presentations
Cross-Basin Alternatives

AdobePDF18px.png Cross-Basin Alternatives Summary TM, February 2008 (176 MB)

Preliminary Basin Plans