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    Since 2010, when implementation of the CSO Program began, numerous projects have started. Each project begins in the study and design phase. After design and technical details are worked out, the project goes out for bid to qualifying contractors.

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    Current Construction

    Construction for the Spring Lake Park Project began in May. Clean Solutions for Omaha has made this project a priority as it demonstrates how green solutions can play a significant role in meeting regulatory requirements.

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    Economic affordability has always been one of the key priorities of the CSO Program. By placing industrial, commercial and businesses into one category, a more equitable solution is achieved for all non-residential ratepayers.

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    Public Involvement

    Public Involvement is an important part of the CSO Program and meeting with the residents of the metro-area provides the Program Management Team valuable input in making decisions that will impact our City. Check here for upcoming meeting information.

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    As the CSO Program moves into the construction phase, companies are encouraged to purchase their materials locally. From office supplies, to signage to pipes and heavy equipment – this effort will have a positive impact on our local economy.



The CSO Program is designed to improve the water quality in our local rivers and streams.

Today, approximately 52 times each year, raw sewage mixed with stormwater flows into the Missouri River and the Papillion Creek. Through the CSO Program, we will reduce that number.

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