Forest Lawn Sewer Separation


Construction anticipated to begin in 2018.

Project Description:

The Forest Lawn Sewer Separation Project is one of a series of projects in the Minne Lusa Basin intended to remove and/or control inflow into the combined sewer system (CSS) and reduce the frequency, magnitude, and duration of CSOs.  This project specifically is intended to remove Forest Lawn Creek flows from the CSS system, which currently enters the CSS through a structure located near 36th and Hanover Streets. 

As part of this project, existing sanitary sewer pipes will be assessed to determine if rehabilitation is possible.  The need for new storm sewers along North Ridge Drive, North Ridge Drive East, North 34th Street, and North 30th Street will also be determined.  In conjunction with sewer separation efforts, potential green infrastructure controls, including detention or bioretention ponds will be evaluated.

Project References:

Project Number:  OPW 52470
LTCP Project Name:  Forest Lawn Sewer Separation

Additional Resources:

Final Design Public Meeting Notice